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Full Ladder Assist Services and More

At Ladder Works, we understand the importance of effective ladder assist services during the claims process. As claims adjusters, we’ve been in your shoes and have seen firsthand how the process can get derailed when these services aren’t delivered properly. We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way so that you can provide the excellent experience your policyholders expect and deserve.

Each claim requires a unique approach. That’s why Ladder Works offers a variety of services to help you serve the specific needs of your policyholder. Our team of ladder reps and adjusters are well trained and place an emphasis on increasing the overall experience and satisfaction levels for both you and your policyholders. We’re committed to helping you complete your claim quickly, safely and accurately.

Ladder Assist Plus

Ladder Assist Plus takes our services to the next level. We do all of the heavy lifting for you. When you choose this option, our ladder rep professional will handle the complete roof inspection for you and provide a comprehensive report to assist you in settling your claim.

Our ladder reps are ready to help you on a moment’s notice. We use qualified, licensed adjusters who are prepared to scope any type of loss. Your comprehensive roof report will include:

  • All necessary photos to document the loss
  • Identification of materials and cause of loss
  • Accurate measurements, utilizing aerial sketch
Ladder Assist Plus


Do you need a loss scoped in a timely manner?  We have you covered. Our SoloScope™ program is designed to give you a cost-effective means to evaluate a loss. We employ a vast network of licensed adjusters to scope the loss. Our focus is always on increasing your policyholder’s satisfaction levels throughout every step of the process.

When you choose our SoloScope service, our adjusters and inspectors will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your loss. Depending on the unique needs of the assignment, we can inspect the interior, exterior, or both. You’ll receive detailed and labeled photos of damaged and non-damaged items. Our customized scope sheet will clearly detail all damages and provide recommendations for repair or replacement.


Underwriting Inspections

Do you need assistance with a risk assessment? We can help. Ladder Works offers underwriting inspections throughout the lower 48 states. Our inspectors will evaluate any property you wish to insure and provide a comprehensive report to help you fully understand the risk. We have our own proprietary software designed to supply you with accurate and timely risk assessment.

Underwriting Inspections

ITEL Services

We offer a wide range of ITEL collection services to address all of your needs. We will handle the entire process for you to ensure everything is done correctly.

Our team will visit the loss location and take any samples necessary for ITEL processing. All of our ladder reps have experience collecting samples for ITEL. This results in taking better samples in areas of low traffic and vision:

  • We’ll take flooring samples in a closet to avoid creating a trip hazard
  • When roofing or siding samples are required, we’ll always take the necessary steps to waterproof the sample area
Itel Services

Completed Work Inspections

Do you need to make sure a job was completed and done properly? Let us help. Our work completion service is delivered by a qualified adjuster to ensure that the work was completed according to all necessary protocols. We will also document any restoration work that has been completed to ensure proper depreciation disbursement.

Work Completion Inspection

Claims Service

We provide much more than just ladder assist services. We can handle the entire claims process for you.

Our sister company, Aspen Claims Service, is an industry-leading adjusting firm and can handle any type of claim you may have. We can write claims in Xactimate or Symbility. With decades of insurance knowledge and experience, we can make sure the job is done thoroughly and correctly every time.

Claims Service

Virtual Inspections

We can use technology to make your job even easier. Ladder Works offers virtual inspection services that provide a cost-effective way to resolve your claims in a timely manner.

Virtual Inspections