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Ladder Trak™

Ladder Trak™ System

At Ladder Works, we understand the crucial role our services play in your claims process.  This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.  We’ve established a system that puts your needs first to ensure you and your policyholders receive the exceptional service you deserve.

Our exclusive Ladder Trak™ system was created with you in mind. At its core, Ladder Trak™ is about ensuring you receive the high quality, professional service, and proactive communication necessary to effectively do your job. We’re the only ladder assist provider in the country to utilize this system, and it will give you confidence that every aspect of your ladder assist and our related services are being handled correctly.

Ladder Trak™ Benefits

With our Ladder Trak™ system, you get:

Access to More Locations

If you have multiple claims in different areas, we have you covered. Our nationwide team of experienced ladder assist reps are available to help you wherever and whenever you need it.

Confirmation of Your Service Request

We’re committed to providing proactive communication throughout every step of the process. We’ll promptly confirm that we received your service request, and one of our reps will reach out to schedule your ladder assist.

Multiple Ladder Assist Service Options

We understand that every job is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to ladder assist:

Confirmation of Delivery Service

Just as with your initial service request, we’ll provide confirmation with you when we show up on location and follow up after the job is completed to make sure the reporting meets your standards.

The Ladder Works Reliability Promise™

Our exclusive Ladder Works Reliability Promise™ ensures you receive the high quality, professional service you expect from a dedicated partner. This will give you peace of mind that your ladder assist is being handled properly and your policyholders are getting the exceptional experience they deserve.

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